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Anthony Reynolds  (Collection)

Language: English
Category: Literary
Format: .PDF
 Translation made by: ? 

Author: Anthony Reynolds
Genre: Fantasy, Horror and Fiction
Status: Incomplete

Year: 2008 /?

Australian writer and strategy game developer, Anthony Reynolds is best known for his creative works surrounding the "Warhammer" franchise. He resides with his wife in California, where he works as a senior writer for "Riot Games."

Collection List
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  1. Dark Apostle (Anthony Reynolds)

  2. Dark Creed (Anthony Reynolds)

  3. Dark Disciple (Anthony Reynolds)

  4. Dark Heart; Digital Mondays (Anthony Reynolds)

  5. Empire in Chaos (Anthony Reynolds)

  6. Garen; First shield (Anthony Reynolds)

  7. Index Astartes I, II,  III (Reynolds Anthony & many authors)

  8. Kharn Eater of Worlds (Anthony Reynolds)

  9. Knight Errant (Reynolds Anthony)

  10. Knight of the Realm (Reynolds Anthony)

  11. Knights Of Bretonnia; The Omnibus, Warhammer Chronicles (Anthony Reynolds)

  12. Legacies of Betrayal (Reynolds Anthony & many authors)

  13. Leonard Cohen (Anthony Reynolds)

  14. Lysander; The Fist of Dorn (Anthony Reynolds)

  15. Mark of Chaos (Anthony Reynolds)

  16. Nurgles Gift and The Tallyman (Anthony Reynolds)

  17. Renegades of the Long War (Anthony Reynolds)

  18. Rest Eternal (Anthony Reynolds)

  19. Ruination (Anthony Reynolds)

  20. Scions of the storm (Anthony Reynolds)

  21. The Blessing of Iron (Anthony Reynolds)

  22. The Purge (Anthony Reynolds)

  23. Word Bearers (Anthony Reynolds)

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