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Initial D

Language: English
ategory: Manga
Translation status: Complete
Volumes already translated: 48/48
Formato: .cbr
 Improved Edition brought to you by: ? 

Author: Shuichi Shigeno
Genre: Action, Politics, Horror, Apocalyptic, Drama and Fantasy
Public volumes (Officially): 48/48
Year: 1995/2013

Unlike his classmates and coworkers, Takumi Fujiwara did not like cars. Any conversation about them would remind her of her morning routine of delivering tofu to his father. He didn't see the appeal of street racing and knew nothing about its rules or its culture. However, when he attends a late-night meeting, the appearance of a rival racing team at Akina Pass forces Takumi to get behind the wheel of his father's AE86 and race with them up the family mountain.

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